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Benoît Rihoux & Claude Rubinson, on behalf of the COMPASSS management team


Nr.45 (19 Dec 2017)
COMPArative Methods for
Systematic cross-caSe analySis


*Main items: *
1. QCA training
2. Events
3. Publications and bibliographical database
4. Working papers
5. Software updates
6. New COMPASSS mailing list

*--1. QCA training *
See: http://www.compasss.org/training.htm
•     Tucson (AZ, USA), 4-6 January 2018, Qualitative Comparative 
Analysis, Claude Rubinson
•     Montréal (Canada), 22–24 January 2018, Qualitative Comparative 
Analysis, Benoît Rihoux & Priscilla Álamos Concha [only few seats left]
•     Bamberg (Germany), 5-9 March 2018 (7th ECPR Winter School in 
Methods and Techniques), Advanced Topics in Set-Theoretic Methods and 
QCA, Carsten Schneider [only few seats left]
•     Bamberg (Germany), 5-9 March 2018 (7th ECPR Winter School in 
Methods and Techniques), Comparative Research Designs [includes a QCA 
module], Benoît Rihoux [registration on waiting list still possible]
•     Irvine (CA, USA), 29–31 March 2018, SoCal QCA Workshop, Charles 
Ragin and Peer Fiss
•     Bath (UK), 3 July 2018, Mixed Methods: Introduction and Specific 
Methods, Wendy Olsen

*--2. Events*
See: http://www.compasss.org/events.htm
In chronological order [note some approaching deadlines]:
•     Reykjavik (Iceland), 20-23 June 2018, EURAM conference 2018: 
Symposium on Methodological Innovation: Necessary Condition Analysis 
[deadline for paper submission: 10 January 2018]
•     Tallinn (Estonia), 5-7 July 2018, EGOS Conference Sub-theme 42: 
Analyzing Causal Complexity: A (Neo-)Configurational Perspective on 
Organizations [deadline for submission of short papers: 8 January 2018]

*--3. Publications and bibliographical database*
See: http://www.compasss.org/bibliography.htm
•     the WorldCat listing for books now contains currently 59 books (10 
books added in 2017)
•     the development of the Zotero database for journal articles is 
continuing to make progress (currently 119 articles added in 2017, in 
addition to the archive up till 2016). The integration into one single 
Zotero database is in progress.

*--4. Working papers*
See: http://www.compasss.org/wpseries.htm
Through the easily searchable Zotero group library: recently published 
Working papers:
•     Marcel Verhoeven and Ioana-Elana Oana. "Necessary and Sufficient 
Conditions for Audience Success of Media Product Brands: A field report 
on a two-step fsQCA with 10 conditions and 255 cases". COMPASSS WP 2017-89.
•     Sebastian Elischer. “How Often and Why Do Military Coups Usher in 
Civilian Rule? Coups, Post-Coup Elections and Autocratic Resilience in 
the Post-Cold War World”. COMPASSS WP 2017-90.

*--5. Software updates*
See: http://www.compasss.org/software.htm
Recent updates:
•     New versions of SetMethods (R package)
•     New versions of fs/QCA and QCA (R package).

*--6. New COMPASSS mailing list*
See new “mailing list” button in the COMPASSS banner  (and direct link: 
https://mail231.csoft.net/mailman/listinfo/compasss-announce )
We've created a new mailing list for COMPASSS-related announcements. If 
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On behalf of the whole COMPASSS management team (see composition at: 
Prof. Benoît Rihoux



*Benoît RIHOUX*

Professeur ordinaire - Full professor

Centre de Science Politique et de Politique Comparée - CESPOL

Institut de Sciences Politiques Louvain-Europe - ISPOLE

Université catholique de Louvain - UCL

Place Montesquieu, 1 bte L2.08.07

B-1348 Louvain-la-Neuve / Belgique – Belgium

[physical office : A245]

T : + 32 10 47 41 90 (41 57)

F : + 32 10 47 46 03

mail/courriel : benoit.rihoux at uclouvain.be 
<mailto:benoit.rihoux at uclouvain.be>

*Institutional**page*: https://uclouvain.be/en/directories/benoit.rihoux

*COMPASSS Resource Website:*http://www.compasss.org

*ECPR Methods School*– next events:

- 7th ECPR Winter School in Methods and Techniques, Bamberg, 2 – 9 March 
2018, https://ecpr.eu/Events/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=120– 
*/registrations currently open/*

- 13^th ECPR Summer School in Methods and Techniques, Budapest, 26 July 
– 10 August 2018, https://ecpr.eu/Events/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=125 – 
/registrations open on 21 March 2018/

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